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your existing metrology tools

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etrology® provides innovative solutions in automation, test & measurement, process & machine control, data logging, and fleet management.

Locked to the OEM?

Today, the leading manufacturers of semiconductor metrology equipment offer their customers the opportunity to enhance their metrology capabilities by selling them costly new tools, assuring them that it is the only option to keep up with the competition.

etrology® offers the key to your measurement freedom.

Before you invest in a brand-new metrology tool

Consider using your existing hardware and give it the performance of the latest available tools.

The primary obstacle to accessing many of these new capabilities isn’t the hardware, and it isn’t just the software either – the barrier lies within that seemingly unbreakable tether to the OEM. 

To overcome this, we incorporate etrology® software into existing legacy systems, enabling you to fully leverage the potential of the hardware.

Software ≠ Hardware

Our objective is to break the previously unbreakable bond between software and hardware through innovation, empowering our customers to separate their hardware needs from software solutions.

Utilize your fleet’s full potential – without buying new tools.

CD-SEM Fleet Matching

etrology® can bridge the gab bettwin different hardware systems allowing you use the same algorithms to match different tools.

It can be used as a benchmark to compare results and monitor the health of a fleet across one or multiple fabs.

Control your capital costs, solve your performance issues, and identify your solutions with ease.

Freedom of Measurement

Same Hardware

No need for a new highly specialized, expensive hardware system from the OEM. With Etrology, you can do more with what you already have.

Same System

Utilize your fleet’s full potential without buying new tools. Re-invest in the power of your business with our innovative solution.

New Capabilities

With our solution, you can control your capital costs, solve your performance issues and achieve your goals with ease.

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The Bottom Line

Allow us to unlock the full potential of your existing tools  using the same system, same hardware, and
new software – for brand new capabilities. Save your capital dollars – you don’t need a new system.
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