Configured to YOUr requirements

Measurement Suite

For cases when the established flow Measurement Utility does not specifically match customer requirements, etrology® offers Measurement Suite –  a totally flexible and unrestricted configuration – tailored to your needs.

Measure images from any manufacturer

Totally flexible with no predefined flow

Measurement Utility is an advanced CD measurement application with innovative approaches in preprocessing, measurement and Neural Network modeling to ensure superior precision and sensitivity. Large grab stochastic measurements, texture, background, defect estimation and statistics are all available.

Best for nontrivial tasks, mostly suited for inspection, classification and mass measurement

Significant number of native embedded libraries with a high level of integration, ensuring remarkable speed of processing

Capable of connecting LabVIEW and/or Python external libraries

Embedded PR/Morphology/Texture/Golden comparison, Geometry and other modules

Extremely fast execution modules naturally handling any image formats



 A larger field of view allows etrology® to measure up to 800 contacts in a single grab – increasing the likelihood of capturing random failures.