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your existing metrology tools

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Etrology Provides Innovative Solutions In Test & Measurement, Process & Machine, Data Logging And Automation

Locked to the OEM?

Today, the leading manufacturers of semiconductor metrology equipment offer their customers the opportunity to enhance their metrology capabilities by selling them costly new tools, assuring them that it is the only option to keep up with the competition.

The OEM's "new" hardware

Despite the fact that earlier hardware is nearly identical to the hardware offered in new systems, customers are still being held back by the same manufacturers who are offering them outdated software solutions. This is because there is a crucial reliance on measurement procedures that vary greatly between different manufacturers.


Software ≠ Hardware

Our objective is to break the previously unbreakable bond between software and hardware through innovation, empowering our customers to separate their hardware needs from software solutions.


Unleash the power of your business with our innovative product

Same Hardware

No need for a new highly specialized, expensive hardware system from the OEM. With Etrology, you can do more with what you already have.

Same System

Utilize you fleet’s full potential without buying new tools. Re-invest in the power of your business with our innovative solution.

New Capablities

With our solution, you can control your capital costs, solve your performance issues and achieve your goals with ease.

Unlock your fleet

The Bottom Line

Allow us to unlock the full potential of your existing tools  using the same system, same hardware , and new software – for brand new capabilities.

Save your capital dollars – you don’t need a new system.