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Our Strengths

Experience based on years of involvement in numerous projects in the Semiconductor and Biomedical industries. Our team expertise includes some of the most sensitive and complicated areas in the industry, like optics, process metrology, solid state devices and many others. We’re deeply familiar with the processes and equipment used in the most advanced facilities in the world today. If you feel that budget requirements are too tight, or your issue requires a quick solution – we’re able to help out.

Control your capital costs, solve your performance issues and achieve your goals with ease. Don’t wait any longer to learn more, contact us today and unlock the full potential of your assets!

About Us

Precision Automation

Etrology’s products can either stand alone or be integrated with existing network, communications, or database infrastructure, and we offer consulting and maintenance services to support our solutions.

Customized Integration

Etrology is a development and consulting firm that provides customized software solutions integrated with commercial hardware technology.

Cost Reduction

By utilizing installed or reused solutions and upgrading the software, companies can reduce capital expenditures.

Team experience

Wide-ranging experience in the semiconductor industry with an expertise in Lithography, CDSEM metrology, statistical process control and general metrology equipment characterization.

team profile

A group of highly talented engineers – graduated from renowned universities in the US and Israel – with contemporary high tech industry experience.

team goal

We help companies of all sizes by applying software engineering techniques to business and technical problems – resulting in productivity gains and profitability for our clients.