All-in-one measurement solution


YieldPro is an advanced CD measurement application with innovative approaches in preprocessing, measurement, and Neural Network modeling to ensure superior precision and sensitivity.

Measure images from any manufacturer

A simple new way to measure any feature in a multilayer environment

Measurement Utility by etrology™  is a standalone measurement tool for CD, Overlay, and PSD measurements of images from any manufacturer. With an unlimited number of layers and the ability to add an unlimited number of measurements, we can handle classical measurements and advanced, specific measurements needed for process development.

Multilayer, multipattern, and multi-measurement capabilities

Optimized, separate processing of SE and BSE signals for more precise and accurate results

Incorporates neural network filtering for improved noise suppression and close to one-frame measurement

Flexible GUI and intuitive interface with reduced tunable parameters

Simplified python pipeline for easy introduction of new algorithms without recompilation

Easy to configure for different image input formats

For improved precision and sensitivity, the following features are included:

Pre-tuned for SE and BSE signals in measurement algorithms

Local definition of measurement window using pattern recognition for less impact from 2D and process variation

No topo point fitting, profile treatment used instead (Gaussian, Wavelets)

High roughness measurement capability (for Logic)

Flexible GUI for measuring via contacts in regions and high elongation contacts

Capable of overlay measurement from one or more layers (BSE/SE or Crosstalk only).

Non-local mean (NLM), 1D Profile denoiser, and 2D Blind denoiser using AI

Tuned for massive measurements (Large Grab)